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Hi mates! I have two t-shirts on sale at Shirt.Woot, and for a limited period of time, so be quick if you like them, or maybe you'll miss a chance to buy them!! Only for 15$

Click on the image to BUY IT!



Hope you like it!:D:D

Remember that you can follow me on FACEBOOK or visit my BLOG

Thank you!:D
Well, it's been a month since I started submitting designs here at Deviant and I have to say that the feedback has been amazing. More than 1000 pageviews, 80 watchers... I wanna thank you all, really... you make me feel it worths it when so many people like what you do :D  

The problem with DeviantArt is that it's difficult for you to know which designs are scoring at Threadless, Shirt.Woot, or Lafraise (the main places where I submit designs). If you wanna stay updated I recommend you to follow my FACEBOOK, where I post all the designs which are scoring, and I also make contests for a chance to win t-shirts and all that stuff.

Thank you all! You are great!

Every story needs a beginning, so I'm going to introduce myself. I'm Pablo Bustos, 'aka' Wirdou, a young t-shirt designer from Spain. I've been designing tees for seven months, more or less. I got my first selected tee on January 2012 and since then I've had 8 printed t-shirts at different sites like Shirt.Woot, Lafraise, Pampling and Goodjoe. I'm really proud of how things are going, and of realizing how much I've learned and improved. Therefore, I think it's time to start my deviant site, as now I have some designs I really like and I want to share with the deviant community. I'll be submitting them this week, 4-6 each day. Thank you all and hope you like them!